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SSB Alloys and Steels Pvt. Ltd. is a Mumbai based stockist and distributor of premium quality alloy and tool steel bars and flats. Founded in 1969 by Mr. Sajjankumar Dhurka, as the erstwhile Kaushal Traders, we were one of the pioneers in establishing supply networks for a then-nascent Indian manufacturing sector.

With our history of imports almost as old as the history of the company itself, SSB Alloys & Steels has over the years developed a robust portfolio of mills, both Indian and foreign, whose products we stock and sell. Our current portfolio of products consists of over ten different grades in segments ranging from hot work, cold work tool steels to plastic moulding, high speed steels and more. We are proud to distribute DongBei Special Steels in India. With a dedication to quality and time-tested practices, SSB is the supply chain partner of choice for all your alloy and tool steel needs.


On offer, a wide variety of high quality alloy and tool steels in various sizes

Hot Work Tool Steel

Our hot-work tool steels, which include hot die steels, are used for the cutting and shaping of materials at high temperatures. Grades such as H11 and H13 may be used in pressure die casting, extrusion, and drop forging as well as in tube and glass product manufacturing.

Cold Work Tool Steel

These are steels used to cut or form materials that are at low temperatures. This group possesses high hardenability, wear resistance, average toughness & heat softening resistance. Grades covered here include oil quenched O1 & high carbon-chromium D2, D3.

High Speed Steel

Most commonly used as cutting tool materials, this category of tool steels are often used in power-saw blades and drill bits. We specialize in the Molybdenum grade high speed steels, such as M2, M35 and M42.

Bearing Steel

The most common material used to produce load carrying components in precision ball bearings, roller bearings & tapered roller bearings is 52100 chrome steel. The chemical composition of this steel has high carbon and about 1.5% chromium content. We primarily sell this grade in spherodized annealed condition.

Nitriding Steel

EN41B is a chromium-aluminium-molybdenum and low carbon-manganese nitriding steel.  It is best suited for the manufacture of turned components, such as nuts, bolts, hydraulic fittings and studs. It can be case-hardened, producing components with enhanced wear resistance.

Plastic Moulding Steel

Designed to meet the requirements of zinc die casting & plastic injection molding dies. DIN 1.2311 is a general purpose mould steel designed for the plastic mould industry. With a combination of Cr, Mn, Mo & C, and being pre-hardened this is a very popular mould steel grade.


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